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Zhengzhou avant-garde art oriented enrollment nationwide

Thanks to our customers and friends for support of pioneer Wen Yi to trust, taking the best technology lowest tuition return love love tattoo tattoo, the tattoo is anxious friends of high tuition fees.

Course introduction:

Student requirements: whether or not the art basis can be, asexual limit, must be self-motivated, hard-working, have enough enthusiasm for the tattoo, good character. Applicants aged 18 and above may apply.

I. application conditions

Where more than 18 years of age, no color blindness disease, health, abide by the state laws and regulations and its regulations, and obey the school teaching management system, can guarantee the time of learning, people love tattoo piercing art and determined to join this cause.

Two, registration method

I have 1 originals and 2 copies of my ID card, 1 inches of bareheaded bareheaded photos (color) in recent days, and fill in the registration form for students

Relevant entrance formalities.

Three, matters needing attention

1, students after school, drop out for personal reasons or due to violation of national laws and regulations and other regulations of teaching management is discouraging,

The school students are not for refund procedures.

2, students after the expiration of the study, the assessment of qualified students issued a certificate of completion.

3, teaching commitment: hand teaching, package teaching package. Study seriously, test qualified long-term free recommend work.

4, veterans, persons with disability certificates, tuition twenty percent off

5, admission information interpretation rights to Zhengzhou pioneer line art

Four, registration address

Address: 27 Zhengzhou Datong Yanling road and South Street intersection, AI Ti 1908

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