Please respect every help you this tattoo artist

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In fact, the tattoo is a very hard work, you may only see them every day as long as the moving hands, when several maps can make money, but you have not seen them all up painting, manuscript design, the whole night for the painting, practice technology all over the world, all over the country and ran the study, the first two years of apprenticeship bitter not a good meal, when they are not naturally buried every day practice will naturally take painting, tattoo machine you can pick good works, is a picture of a picture, a night to survive, really is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent of the effort.

Some people heard the price jumped one thousand or two thousand per hour, immediately said: ah money received is so expensive, I find a flower arm my friend know as long as one thousand dollars. In fact, do not understand really never mind, but at least they please respect the tattoo artist, today's achievements and price, not overnight to come, in the absence of fame before how much sweat and hard work really only oneself know.

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