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Tattoo before attention

1, remember to find a clean shop, not a tattoo master, put on gloves, it means that this tattoo shop is clean enough. Tattoo artists must follow professional ethics and do comprehensive protection. This means that the surface of any device or tool can not be reached directly to the hands and tattoos of the tattoo master. All tattoo tools must be used up.

2, tattoo before the celebration must ensure adequate sleep, eat full stomach, in order to maintain a good mental state. Sick and unwell, do not suggest tattoos.

3, cleaning agent bottles, tattoo guns, hook lines, work table, plastic surface, tattoo area around, should be wrapped in plastic bags. Pillows and paint must also be disposable. Needles should be sterilized with a medical sterilizing machine.

4, pay attention to! Don't drink too much. Drinking too much does not reduce the pain, but it can cause bleeding in the tattoo process.

5, the correct attitude, determine the body and emotional conditions are very good time to do tattoo, relax yourself into the state, so that you can enjoy the whole tattoo process!

6, syncope (injection) or Yunxie symptoms like best to tell the artist, because usually people with these symptoms of tattoo is also a similar situation, but do not have to worry too much in preparation, usually without obstruction.

7, with the tattoo artist cooperation, most people are very sure what kind of tattoo they want to do, but the tattoo master can be where you did not expect to moderate to add personal style. Don't be afraid to suggest changes to the tattoo master, but you'll also have to keep an open mind about what the tattoo master might do, so the tattoo will look better.

8, and finally, it is better not to wear light colored underwear to tattoo, because the tattoo process is likely to have color splash to the clothes, and tattoo pigment is not easy to clean, so suggest wearing dark underwear.

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